Hello and Welcome Aboard Blue Galley!

I’m Jenya, a passionate home chef determined to bake my cake and eat it too…all while looking good in a bikini.

My Anchor Carb Rating system has helped me keep my baking addiction in check by providing me with a simple way to organize my favorite recipes according to how many carbs they contain. Then it’s up to my willpower to stick to 3 anchors or less 80% of the time. Not gonna lie…holidays are tough! Chris and I love cookies 🙂

Here you will find my favorite recipes cooked and photographed by me, ranging from decadent desserts to low carb lean protein dinners with tasty vegetable sides. My meals may vary in carbohydrate content from none to a ton, but they all have one thing in common: they’re delicious!

Blue Galley is just barely fresh out of the oven (launched July 2015), which explains the scantiness of recipes. But I plan on posting at least 2 or 3 times a week, since I cook gourmet yumminess just about everyday, so my recipe selection will grow in no time.

Chatting about food and cooking is my favorite…so I would love to hear from you!

I will also be posting about my culinary adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And pinning my favorite foods on Pinterest and organizing them according to my Anchor Carb Rating. And if you would like to receive an email with Blue Galley’s latest posts, sign up in the “come aboard” box located on the left sidebar.

And FYI…I LOVE sailing puns! So you might encounter some here and there.

Thanks for visiting and Fair Cooking! 😉

Some more info…

Why Blue Galley?

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.05.32 AM

Our dream boat: the stunning Amel Super Maramu

Because my husband Chris and I are going to live on a sailboat! Our goal is to sell our belongings, pack up the bare essentials (like my my spice collection) and sail off into the sunset to explore the world and all of its glorious cuisines. So eventually, my kitchen will be a galley surrounded by beautiful turquoise water, where I will continue to cook and create my favorite recipes. I know I’ll have to downsize my cooking gadgets substantially, but Chris knows that The Red Devil (my mixer, it’s red and one of my favorite possessions) is non-negotiable.

Plus, I have a weakness for anything nautical, love the boating lifestyle and adore cute little anchors… unless I eat too many of them and don’t feel good in a bikini.

We hope to make our sailing dream come true soon, but for now work and pets are keeping us stationed in the bay area…not a bad place to be! And in the mean time, I am reminded of my future nautical life every time I post on Blue Galley.

 A few random facts about me

  • I love salt. I think learning how to properly salt food is the first step to becoming a good cook.
  • I only use freshly ground black pepper.
  • I was born in Russia and grew up in Italy, where I fell in love with food. Can you blame me?
  • I usually throw in some kind of a heat element into my food, like a few pepper flakes. Without heat, food tastes bland to me.
  • Learning about the history and science of food is one of my favorite hobbies.
  • Another favorite hobby is gardening, which will NOT be put on hold when we move onto a sailboat. I will figure out how to have an awesome little herb garden!
  • My favorite cocktail is a Vodka martini with just a drop of Vermouth, stirred and with a couple of olives (or a Meyer lemon twist)
  • I make a mean lean Margarita (no sugar added!) and a delicious MaiTai (sugar added)
  • I detest throwing away food. I do my best to cook with ingredients I have on hand so they are not wasted and I diligently plan on how the leftovers will be consumed. I have like a dozen recipes for leftover Thanksgiving turkey!
  • I adore beautiful, antique dishes and glassware, which I use in my photography. I stop at every antique store I see in search of treasures!
  • Most used gadgets in my kitchen: graters of all shapes and sizes, my amazing Santoku Japanese knife, aluminum foil and half sheets pans.
  • I’m hooked on sparkling water and make my own at home. Throw a few citrus slices and a mint sprig in there and it’s the most refreshing, calorie-free drink ever!
  • I have a love and hate relationship with garlic: love huge amounts of it in all my food, hate to peel and chop it.
  • I am only repulsed by 2 things: root beer and frog legs (maybe I had bad ones, but will never try them again).
  • I own a Vespa and love riding it to do my food shopping, especially during the holidays when parking is a nightmare. Love to get all the envious stares as I glide my scooter into a little parking nook right by the entrance. hehe 😉
  • I’m obsessed with French Bordeaux. A close second is Barolo and good Napa cab. An oaky Chardonnay also does the trick on a hot summer day. And then there’s dry Champagne for brunch. Hmmm… maybe I don’t have a favorite. I love ALL wine.
  • I try to simplify a recipe whenever I can to accommodate a small space and minimal clean up. One pot meals are my fave!
  • I have two furry babies: a Persian cat named Simba and a Weimaraner pup named Hendrix. Simba’s favorite indulgence canned tuna and Hendrix loves just about everything, but mostly bacon.